One Voice

Roche came to us to help them redefine their content strategy for their internal communication channels and create a proof of concept for a News Application. We worked closely to identify the main challenges through a series of workshops at Roche HQ in Zurich; incorporating content strategy, user interaction and business thinking. The outcome of what we call Sprint 0 was the clarification of the design challenges from which we generated the key principles to apply for both design and content structure. The result was an intuitive News application prototype that introduced channels of articles that can be personalized based on a user’s interests and role within the organization. Giving the power to the end-user to decide what they wish to see and when proved to increase engagement. We strategically approached the design of the application to extend the design logic to other internal communication channels. A holistic approach that allowed Roche to create One Voice globally.
Golden Arm
Product Development
Product Lead