Where Hong Kong Begins

When Hong Kong Airlines needed to broaden its image from domestic carrier to international airline, they came to Golden Arm to create their brand awareness campaign. As part of a fleet expansion plan, Hong Kong Airlines was establishing new international routes, including Vancouver and Los Angeles. We needed a campaign approach that would both directly challenge incumbent Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific and capture a new North-American audience. The challenge? Most North Americans had never heard of the airline. Our brand strategy presented the young airline as synonymous with the city of Hong Kong itself. We wanted Hong Kong Airlines to claim ownership of the Hong Kong identity and to be the first airline to come to mind when consumers booked travel to the region. Rallying behind the theme “Where Hong Kong Begins,” we developed PR, print, TVC, digital and experience activations featuring Jackie Chan as new brand ambassador for the launch cities of Vancouver and Los Angeles. The Vancouver campaign was a success. Hong Kong Airlines was running at a 90% load factor out of Vancouver in its first few months of travel. It outstripped the outgoing Hong Kong route by double. Sales of the Los Angeles route were very strong months before a first flight had even taken off. Our digital campaign had generated 56 million impressions worth an estimated $1million in media spending.
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