Listen Up

As technologies continue to develop and the number of channels we can choose from continues to grow, there is a lot of focus on user experience and customer loyalty. Users are seeking exceptional content, and their level of expectation is unprecedented. They require efficiency, technology, connectedness and expect a streamlined approach to listening through streaming media. TuneIn asked us to create a content marketing strategy & brand awareness campaign for long-term brand growth & strength, driving unique listens and sales. We conducted extensive qualitative research across the US that provided rich frameworks for discussions and immersive exercises for a 3-day workshop in order to deliver and articulate an overarching Marketing Strategy and tactical Roadmap that will guide the creation and implementation of a creative campaign. We delivered content strategy, messaging strategy & key messaging, channel strategy, creative brief and road map. As well as creative copy for over 25 facebook ads targeted towards unique audiences across the US.
Golden Arm
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