The Future of Retail

Bose came to Golden Arm to help plan, envision and define the future of their global retail landscape. Most industries are being turned upside down by a new breed of companies creating an entirely fresh way we experience delivery services. Uber in transport, Airbnb in hospitality, Netflix in subscription. All are breaking new ground in established industries. Retail is no different. Burberry, Nike, Nespresso and many others are changing retail and leaving others behind. In the face of the rapidly changing world, we believed the physical and virtual Bose retail should be a culturally relevant, world-class in-store brand experience. We felt that the Bose retail experience should dramatise the aural quality, innovation, and the heroic features of its products. Our goal was to facilitate the shift of product consumption from the rational and descriptive to a rich, emotional and motivating shopper experience. We led a phased approach starting with an immersion into Bose. We followed this with a period of investigation into retail trends and visioning workshops with major stakeholders from the Retail, Marketing, and Product Leadership Teams. We crafted a guiding set of principles to help Bose stay on track and inform everything they do in service of putting sound centre stage. This led directly to the creation of a roadmap for the new Bose in 2017.
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